Telemetry.dll file is part of Telemetry Library product developed by Microsoft OneDrive. It is responsible for Microsoft Corporation functionality. This part is required for Telemetry Library to function. If you are planning on replacing telemetry.dll with a new version make sure that you backup your old file. Replacing telemetry.dll file with a diffent version can cause Telemetry Library to malfunction.

DLL File Description
Telemetry Library
Microsoft OneDrive

Available versions of telemetry.dll

Dll file nameComponentSize (Bytes)Size (KB)VersionTags
telemetry.dll Telemetry Library 317128 309 KB 17.3.5849.427 Users AppData Local Microsoft OneDrive 17.3.5849.0427 
telemetry.dll Telemetry Library 317144 309 KB 17.3.6743.1212 Users AppData Local Microsoft OneDrive 17.3.6743.1212 
telemetry.dll Telemetry Library 183456 179 KB 18.65.329.2 Users AppData Local Microsoft OneDrive 18.065.0329.0002 
telemetry.dll Telemetry Library 468136 457 KB 17.3.1229.918 Users AppData Local Microsoft SkyDrive 17.3.1229.0918 

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