Available versions of ndesk.options.dll

Dll file nameComponentSize (Bytes)Size (KB)VersionTags
ndesk.options.dll NDesk.Options 22016 21.5 KB Sources relintech Relintech Tools ClouldFlareClient packages NDesk.Options.0.2.1 lib 
ndesk.options.dll NDesk.Options 22016 21.5 KB Sources relintech Relintech Tools RandomWriter packages NDesk.Options.0.2.1 lib 
ndesk.options.dll NDesk.Options 22016 21.5 KB Sources relintech Win8-CommonLib Libraries 

Files similar to ndesk.options.dll

NDesk.Options.dll - NDesk.Options
ndfapi.dll - Network Diagnostic Framework Client API
nddeapi.dll - Network DDE Share Management APIs
ndishc.dll - NDIS Helper Classes
ndproxystub.dll - Network Diagnostic Engine Proxy/Stub
nduprov.dll - Network Statistics Provider for System Resource Usage Monitor Service
ndfetw.dll - Network Diagnostic Engine Event Interface
ndiscapCfg.dll - NdisCap Notify Object
ndfhcdiscovery.dll - Network Diagnostic Framework HC Discovery API
ndisimplatcim.dll - NDIS IM Platform WMI Provider

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