Wwanapi.dll file is part of Mbnapi product developed by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. It is responsible for Microsoft Corporation functionality. This part is required for Mbnapi to function. If you are planning on replacing wwanapi.dll with a new version make sure that you backup your old file. Replacing wwanapi.dll file with a diffent version can cause Mbnapi to malfunction.

DLL File Description
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

Available versions of wwanapi.dll

Dll file nameComponentSize (Bytes)Size (KB)VersionTags
wwanapi.dll Mbnapi 538632 526 KB 10.0.10586.672 Windows System32 
wwanapi.dll Mbnapi 431240 421 KB 10.0.10586.71 Windows SysWOW64 
wwanapi.dll 21128 20.6 KB Windows WinSxS 
wwanapi.dll Mbnapi 538632 526 KB 10.0.10586.672 Windows WinSxS 
wwanapi.dll 48715 47.5 KB Windows WinSxS 
wwanapi.dll 16675 16.2 KB Windows WinSxS 
wwanapi.dll Mbnapi 431240 421 KB 10.0.10586.71 Windows WinSxS 
wwanapi.dll 12 12 bytes Windows WinSxS 

Files similar to wwanapi.dll

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WWanHC.dll - Wireless WAN Helper Class
wwanmm.dll - WWan Media Manager
Wwanpref.dll - Wireless WAN Profile Settings Editor
wwanprotdim.dll - WWAN Device Interface Module
WwanRadioManager.dll - Wwan Radio Manager
wwansvc.dll - WWAN Auto Config Service

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